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SlotPrince – “This company is great”

Inventif is a premiere service that offers reasonable rates to its clients. We solicited their services for full web development and were pleasantly surprised by the expertise of their specialists. Even the customer service representative was passionate about the company as he explained the Inventif way to us. He was so detail oriented that there were no objections when the experts called to confirm our vision.

Since soliciting the help of Inventif, we have noticed company growth beyond imagination. Our numbers more than doubled less than three months after they implemented new designs and SEO strategies. We would definitely recommend this company to any business looking to establish or build online presence.

SlotTavern – “The picked us up from the ruins”

Our company was experiencing massive decline as a result of a scandal that turned out to be fictional in all forms. Although we knew that our integrity was not questionable, the general public seemed unforgiving and unwilling to return to our site for gaming.

In hopes of turning a bad situation around, we solicited the services of Inventif. We didn’t really have an agenda for the company to follow. “Just make our site great again,” was basically all that our executives said. The experts used every ounce of their knowledge and creativity to do just that. We are seeing unique visits everyday and cannot wait to see what the future with Inventif by our side.

SlotsAndStripes – “All hail, Inventif”

There are some companies that know their stuff, and then there are the firms that blow them out of the water. Inventif can definitely be named among one of the firms. The small “18-man band” is a giant in the web development industry that sets the bar so high that the others can only watch and be amazed.

We contacted the company for a free consultation is hopes of them possibly making our site better. The experts gave is so many great suggestions that we took them all and ran with them. We were so overwhelmed by the skill and meticulousness of the specialists that we decided to keep them on as website monitors. How’s that for greatness?

Mr Green Casino – “Inventif is a money-making machine”

“You manage the games, and we’ll bring the players.” That’s what the customer service representative of Inventif said during our initial consultation. I was pleasantly surprised to see the high level of professionalism and dedication that took our online casino from second rate to top of the line. Gamers now choose our site first when they want to play slots and cards. I can never say enough about the team of experts who stopped at nothing to see my vision come to life. Inventif is a first class company that delivers first class results.

BGO Casino – “Great company, great rates”

When you look for excellence in a company, you usually look for a high price tag. After all, quality costs bundles of money, right? Not so.

Inventif has some of the most reasonable rates in the web development for gaming industry. The company offers 24/7 service and continued support even after the project is complete. All of these perks come at unbeatable rates. Now how’s that for luck?