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A special project for Gratis Gokkasten NV

You can probably guess by its name that Gratis Gokkasten NV is a company that has something to do with free slot machines. At least, if you speak Dutch. And the company name, meaning free slot machines, reveals exactly what the core business is. This Belgian company has a store and an online presence. In the store, you can try out slot machines for free with their special coins and on their website, you automatically get play money when starting a game in the demo mode. All the games that Gratis Gokkasten NV offers are free, but you can also get advice about at which casino to play when you are ready to make the next move.

An extra boost

Since the core business of Gratis Gokkasten NV is to get visitors to visit one of the operators they have a partnership with, that’s how they make their money, they came to us to find ways to give their website an extra boost. Every time a visitor gets to an online casino through one of Gratis Gokkasten NV’s referral links and deposit money, they get paid a commission. They have several websites to make this happen and it was a specific site that they needed help with.

A troubled daughter

The company had bought the website not that much earlier for quite a substantial amount of money. There’s a grammar mistake in the URL, but that was chosen on purpose. Elke in the name should be alle, but the name was chosen like this because it was mainly promoting slot machines by ELK Studios. The founders thought that it was a funny word joke. But when Gratis Gokkasten NV bought the website, they thought differently. As ELK Studios didn’t have that big a fanbase in the Netherlands yet, the site quickly became a troubled daughter.

This even worsened after a relaunch that included slots by 3 other providers; NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Belatra. The last one wasn’t that popular yet either, but the first two were planned to give the website a big boost. Meanwhile, the opposite happened, visitor’s numbers dropped by 54% in the first month and a worried mother company slowly saw its investment vanishing. Check out these providers to see if you are able to get free spins and other no deposit bonuses.

A new tactic

Until that moment, no real marketing efforts had been made to promote, other than the standard SEO tactics that had been applied. This had worked quite well because for keywords related to ELK Studios there wasn’t so much competition as for other, more popular, slot providers. Now that more providers were added, things became a bit different. Which means it was time for a new tactic. That’s when we were thrown into the mix. We were asked to increase the number of visitors to the particular site we discussed. Immediately we started thinking about a game plan. First, we had to decide what all of these slot machine providers had in common. After going through the slots, we quickly realized that all of these providers have superior graphic effects and often even Hollywood movie worthy introduction videos. After coming to this realization, we knew that this was our angle.

A different target audience

By being great at SEO you can accomplish a lot. You can attract people that want to know more about your brand, your industry, or simple people who are ready to buy. After all, a lot of people who search Google do this became they already have the intention of buying. The target audience that you miss when focusing solely on SEO, however, is the group of people who don’t know that they are interested yet. For example, before you knew about the existence of the iPhone, you probably never felt the need to have one. The same goes for slot machines. They are not free and most people know and accept this without even thinking about the possibility of there being free slot machines. This is the group that we wanted to target.

A new way of advertising

Since our new target audience was a bit younger than the original group of people that were targeted, we decided to advertise through new channels. That means channels that were new for the website. We quickly decided on Facebook ads as this is a relatively cheap and easy way to reach your desired target. In the first week of using this tactic, we managed to recuperate 15% of the lost traffic. And this number has only been growing. Gratis Gokkasten NV is happy and betting on Facebook Ads in the long run.