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Our Price Schedule

Our Price Schedule

Since every job is different, we don’t have set prices. Some may not understand our reasoning behind evaluating each client differently and rendering quotes that fit their budget and needs, but we are passionate about what we do and want to be fair in every aspect of operation. We would never want to charge a large flat rate when the only service that you need is website monitoring. By the same token, it wouldn’t be fair to our team to charge a below market rate for full web development and monitoring. The balance that we maintain in the field of finances is pure and one more reason why businesses prefer us over the competition.

When You Sign Up With Inventif…

You get 24-hour service. There is always someone on the line to help. Our customer service call center is open everyday and all day.

Your website has the potential to flourish. It’s true that you have a few hundred faithful visitors. How would it feel to turn hundreds into thousands? Our services have been known to do just that.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are not cloudy storms. You can’t just read a book and become an expert in Internet marketing. Our specialists have devoted years to the practice of SEO and SMM, which means that they know what works and what is does not work. We put all of our knowledge into the project so that all that you have to do is sit back and watch your site grow.

You have a team of experts whose only job is to develop your site. Company owners who attempt to run the business while building online presence often fail miserably. While the Internet world looks simple from the outside, it is a whole other beast once you get into the game. Just think of society’s early computers that took up several football fields and looked more like a maze than an electronic device. Such is the web world when you don’t know the ins and outs. Our experts at Inventif know their way around the maze.

Let the Growth Begin

Our motto is: “Happy customer, happy company.” We believe that satisfying you, the client, is top priority. Our process is as follows:

We meet with you for a free consultation in which your vision is written down by one of our customer service representatives.

Our representative then takes your desires to the designers, programmers and writers who will be working on the project.

The experts work with each other to ensure that plans are carried out as you desire. Our specialists will always verify your vision with you before beginning any work.

The first sample is presented to you for review and revision requests. We encourage our customers to be brutally honest so that we can get it right.

Designers, programmers and writers return to the drawing board and do a retake. They then present it to you again.

If you are satisfied, then the project is given a final tweak and published.

We continue to monitor your site for 30 days for necessary bug fixes and updates.

We Promise…

Giving customers our undivided attention is our prime mission. We offer a money back guarantee that ensures a full refund if at any point during the process you are unsatisfied beyond recompense. We encourage you to call us or request a free consultation online today!